Tuesday, November 20, 2012

King Tutankhamun

The kids had a week off from scholl earlier this month and as we had heard great reviews on the King Tut exhibit down in Seattle, a few families got together and decided to make an overnight adventure out of it.  The exhibit runs until January 2013 and after seeing it, we would highly recommend it.

Lining up for the exhibit allowed us test the handsets were were given.  Obviously Claudia and Andrew had other ideas as to how we should use the devices.

The show was appealing to all of the kids who attended.  Even Sofia enjoyed it!

Quit an adventure for all of us. Next stop...Trader Joe's and Costco in Bellingham.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

MJ's Day Off!!!

Andrew recently went to a soccer jamboree with his school team the other day (that in itself is worthy of a blog and will be detailed in an upcoming post) .  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join them, Caleb skipped school and my wife took a day off work to trek over to the island.
For me, circumstances changes and I was able to finish what I needed to get done early in the morning.  My reward for my accomplishment was a nice burger for lunch.  The restaurant was quiet as the lunch crowd had left, I had a fresh newspaper to enjoy and a spacious booth all to myself.
Although the calorie count was high, I indulged nonetheless.
So as not to waste an afternoon, I did our final canning for the season.  We had pickled approximately 20 jars of various pickles, carrots, tomatoes and other stuff.  This session was all about luxury.  We did some mushrooms, beets, jalepenos and beans.  Six weeks from now, our family will feast.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Great Harvest

Our garden supplied us with a bountiful crop of tomatoes this year.  We got the boys to tend the garden by making sure it was watered daily, the weeds were properly controlled and the plants were trimmed so they had room to grow.  The outcome was fantastic and they were proud of their accomplishments.
We planted a wide variety of tomatoes and they all turned out beautifuly.  My husband has been making salsa, whipping up sauces and even pickling them.  The whole family has been enjoying the tomatoes Andrew and Caleb have helped grow.
Good job boys!  Next summer they can help my husband finish painting the fence. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Owie!

First of all....Caleb is fine!!

We had quite a start to our weekend.  We went shopping at the local grocery market and as usual, Caled climbed into the shopping cart.  He normally does this and enjoys riding down the isles pointing at what to buy.  This time unfortuately, he decided he wanted to walk and when he stood up, he lost his balance and came crashing down.  Caleb landed hard on his head and withing 5 minutes, this big welt started to develop.

Needless to say, we rush to the local children's hospital and spent the next 6 hours in emergency making sure Caleb was ok. The wonderful doctors and nurses said he was fine, the x-rays came back negative; it was a relief for all of us.

We did learn a valuable lesson today; never let your children think the shopping cart is a toy.  Also parents, don't let your children treat the shopping cart as a amusement ride; they can get hurt.

On this Canadian Thanksgiving, we are thankful it is just a deep bruise and nothing more!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Outing at the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

Caleb was recently invited to a birthday party thrown by one of his classmates; the venue was the BC Sports Hall of Fame.  They had so many different activities there for the kids and adults, it was hard to determine who was having more fun.

Caleb discovered the Greg Moore exhibit.  They had one of his race cars on display, some great pictures and other interesting race memorbilias on display.  What interested the kids most was the racing video game; it was so fun.  Caleb was totally mezmorized by the game, he could barely reach the gas pedal!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We Miss You MMAC Blog!

It has been a while since we posted anything here.  As I read the blog and reminisce about our journey with the boys, I can't help but feel a little sad that we were not able to continually post on our site.  Facebook seems easier to post rants but, in the end, there is nothing like a blog.

The year has gone by quickly.  Since our last posting, we have seen both Andrew and Caleb grow up so much.  I cannot believe they are in grades five and one respectively; it only seems like yesterday that they were babies.

Andrew joined his first team sport just recently.  He's playing soccer with the school team . . . go Sabres!  Caleb is learning chess and is picking it up quite quickly.

The school year started about a month ago and we are slowly but surely getting back into a routine.  My husband really enjoys doing drop-off every morning.  He gets a lot of joy spending that time in the morning going over the day's agenda with Caleb and then reading a book to him before the bell rings.  As always, he is very busy with work and truly treasures this special time.  As for me, I really get a lot of joy picking them up from school for 4 out of the 5 days.  They have such huge, radiant smiles on their faces as they lug heavy backpacks and gym bags.  More often than not, they automatically reach out to hand me their things.  Their "mule" has slowly learned to say, "no, you carry your own things!"  We feel blessed to have boys who generally love to learn at school.  All the very best to everyone during this school year!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Boys Having Fun

The boys had fun skiing on the local mountains during the Christmas break. They spent the afternoon on the slopes and shot this video to show me what I missed.